Window Regulators

We are know stocking a comprehensive range of FAI window regulators with other part numbers available next day.



We now stock a full range of gas at Round Towers Spares these gases include;

  • R134A,

all gas bottles are rent free however all bottles have a surcharge, but unlike a rental fee you receive your surcharge back when the gas bottle is empty and returned.

Dual Mass Flywheel Diagnosis

50% of Uk Vehicles are now fitted with dual mass flywheels and damped flywheel clutches. These are essential components that  not only provided a enhanced level of driveablity but also may reduce  harmful torsional vibration that would otherwise be transmitted into the gearbox and driveline.

Its important to check every time you replace the clutch. If you fit a clutch to a worn flywheel it will completely destroy it.

Step One

First listen for

  • Rattles and clonks during engine start up or turn off
  • Excessive  gear rattle
  • Unusual noises

Step Two 

After removing the clutch from the vehical  check the clutch for

  • driven plate damage
  • drive strap damage

Check the flywheel for

  • friction face scored
  • over heated/blueing
  • stress cracks
  • Grease loss

Step Three

With the flywheel still fitted

  • Rotate the secondary mass anti-Clockwise until pressure can be felt, then allow it to return
  • zero the special tool gauge or mark the position of the secondary mass relative to the ring gear
  • do the same in a clockwise,mark the flywheel position again count the ring gear teeth between the marks or read off the free play  angle from the special tool

Step four

To check the bearing  or brush  for wear

  • Gently measure the amount of rock at the outer edge of the secondary mass or on the special tool adaptor with a DTP.

Replace If movement is

  • More than 1.6mm for a roller type bearing
  • more thank 2.9mm for a bush type bearing

Top Tip :Idle Air Value

Top Tip : Idle Air Value, Activated by the ECU to either mechanically or pneumatically control the idle speed of the engine. A secondary use of the valve is to reduce emission by allowing air to enter the engine on overrun conditions. failure symptoms are stalling and or sticking idle. pneumatic valve can often be cleaned as a temporary test, with mechanical stepper motor type’s failure is irreparable

Top Tip : Heater Control Valve

Heater Control Valve, This Controls the flow of The engines Coolant through The Heater Matrix. Failure symptoms of the Heater Control Valve are that it lack of control of the heater, ie too hot or too cold in the passenger compartment and the other is that the unit is leaking coolant. Failure is often caused by lack of use. Check its operating during service and inspect for leaks.

Top Tip : Knock Sensor

Knock Sensor, This sensor is a piezo based sensor that attaches directly to the engine and electronically listens to the engine. The ECU responds to any signal of pinking or detonation by retarding the ignition timing. failure symptoms are lack of performance or increased fuel consumption. Check for corrosion or make sure that it is correctly fastened to the engine.

Top Tip : Coolant Temperature Sensor

Coolant Temperature Sensor, this sensor measures the temperature of the engines coolant and signals the ECU to adjust the fuel mixture. Failure symptoms are poor performance, Hard to start or misfire. Inspect Every 12,000 – 15,000 miles. Replace coolant if failure occurs if problem still remains replace sensor.

Top Tip : The Air Temperature Sensor

The Air Temperature, this sensor is in the intake manifold. The sensor’s resistance changes as the temperature increases or decreases. The ECU receives this change in signal and adjusts the injector pulse width and fuel mixture accordingly. failure symptoms are hat the Engine Check light is on continuously, hesitation or strong exhaust odour. poor performance or economy. Inspect for damage or corrosion on terminals when error code’s indicate a problem in the system.

Top Tip : Cam / Crank Sensors

Cam / Crank Sensors these sensors determine camshaft and crank shaft position and sends this information to the ECU. The computer uses this to calculate injector on time and ignition system timing. Failure symptoms are engine warning light on dash, hard starting and poor drivability. there is no scheduled service, the part must be replaced when failure occurs.

Top Tip : Evaporation Control Valve

Evaporation Control Valve controls the emissions of fuel vapour from the fuel tank. Direct the sole fuel tank ventilator to either the carbon trap or the inlet manifold. Can be electronically or pneumatically controlled. failure symptoms are that the car may have poor drivability at low RPM or the complain of fuel smell in the car. To fix simply replace and check connecting pipes for splits / damage